Leasing made Simple

Buy or Lease

Player System, Screen(s), Menu Design and Setup, Dedicated Broadcast Channel, Menu Management & Update Tools, Daily Backup Service, Maintenance & Support both Remote and Onsite.

Total Solution - Total Peace of Mind.

A lot of people have the wrong idea about leasing – here are the facts. The lease will be a lease rental – not a lease purchase or hire purchase. When you lease, the leasing company buys the equipment from us - they pay us the same amount that you would if you paid cash – no commission is paid to us.

You pay the leasing company over a fixed period of time – usually 3 years (it can be 12 months). You usually pay 3 months deposit followed by 33 monthly payments. At the end of the agreement, the goods do not automatically become yours but a friend or relative can buy them for you, for a nominal fee, agreed in advance.

*Approximate value, confirmed price will be based on necessary requirements including specification of player system, number of screens, make model, size and lenders agreement.

The financial advantages of a lease rental are as follows:

Cash Flow



  • The payments are fixed over the term – you can budget accordingly
  • You still have the use of your own money - preserve your working capital
  • The VAT payments are spread equally throughout the agreement
  • You aren’t restricting your future borrowing power with your bank
  • Your borrowing is not secured against your house, leaving you free to borrow from others who require security

Tax Reductions

The rental payments that you make (excluding VAT) are treated as an expense in your accounts. This will reduce the net profit of your business and will therefore reduce the tax that you pay. The reduction in the tax that you pay on your profits can be more than the actual interest that you pay on the lease agreement. The reduction in the tax that you pay on your profits can mean that you pay less overall than if you had bought the equipment outright - especially if you pay tax @ 40%. Please call us if you would like to see the figures.

So, if you would like to lease, we need some brief details from you (and business partners) – full name, home address(es) for last 3 years, date of birth, trading name(s) for last 3 years and trading address. We will pass these details on to a leasing company and we should have an answer back for you within 2 working days.

Remember - leasing is a highly efficient way of managing your business capital. You should always discuss which method of purchase is right for you and your business with your accountant or financial adviser.

The Small Print!

Credit is subject to status – this means that every leasing company employs under-writers whose job it is to decide to whom the leasing company will lend. Their decisions are based on the financial history of the applicant and other factors such as whether the applicant is a homeowner and the length of time they have traded. Some leasing companies will lend to an applicant with a business that has been trading for less than 2 years or who is not a homeowner, but the repayment figures may be higher than those available to longer established businesses. The leasing company will charge a documentation fee at the start (typically 2%).