Examples of Digital Menu Board / Screens

Below are some examples of Menu Boards with Digital Screens. Digital Screen sizes can range from 22-inch to 103-inch +

One Digital Menu Screen displayed between two normal Static Menu Boards


The 42" LCD screen displays daily promotions and special offers. This cost effective solution is perfect for clients wishing to introduce a digital promotional display between a static menu board, within a small budget.


Two Digital Menu Screens


Samsung LCD Screens displaying promotions and Breakfast Menu



Three Digital Menu Screens


Three Digital Menu Screens used to present promotions and video related materials .

Digital Menus, Playlist of Videos, Promotions with & without Voice Over


Digital Menu Screens designed to your requirements.Voice over feature enabled by simply typing in some text that is to be read out. User can choose a Male / Female voice and present the promotion with a selection of background music and video effects.

Take a look at samples in the video section.

Buy or Lease

Player System, Screen(s), Menu Design and Setup, Dedicated Broadcast Channel, Menu Management & Update Tools, Daily Backup Service, Maintenance & Support both Remote and Onsite.

Total Solution - Total Peace of Mind.

A lot of people have the wrong idea about leasing – here are the facts. The lease will be a lease rental – not a lease purchase or hire purchase. When you lease, the leasing company buys the equipment from us - they pay us the same amount that you would if you paid cash – no commission is paid to us.

You pay the leasing company over a fixed period of time – usually 3 years (it can be 12 months). You usually pay 3 months deposit followed by 33 monthly payments. At the end of the agreement, the goods do not automatically become yours but a friend or relative can buy them for you, for a nominal fee, agreed in advance. Leasing made Simple: Click here for the financial advantages of leasing

*Approximate value, confirmed price will be based on necessary requirements including specification of player system, number of screens, make model, size and lenders agreement.